London Stands Still

23/03/2020 London Lock Down Covid-19

7:00 am your phone alarm rings, you open your eyes and crawl yourself out of bed, in your mind counting days left to the weekend. 7:10 am shower, 7:20 am you start your daily grooming routine to make yourself feel and look your best today. 7:40 am you are making ‘Coffee to Go’ in your travel mug, the blender is on, few minutes of spinning, and you pour the smoothie in the drinking bottle to drink it later to keep up with your 5-day rule. By 8:00 am you shoot your home doors behind you and rush to the station to catch your ride to work, by the station contributor offers you to grab a free daily newspaper, you grab the copy out of person’s hands without even acknowledging him. 9:00 am you enter office or university full of people some say: Hey! some way too busy on their phones… That’s how most of us in London city start their day, and for most of us, this routine is repeated day after day, year after year, decade after decade. But what happens when is all suddenly stops, when all suddenly go quiet? What we used to call ‘Normal life’ is taking 360′ degree spin, and all our bad or good habits are now laid down by the law. Schools and universities are closed, skyscraper offices are closed,  bars are closed, restaurants are closed, gyms are closed, spa and beauty salons are closed, high street fashion stores are closed, the parks are closed and the worst of all we run out of toilet paper in the stores. The UK was put into lockdown on 23 March, life as we knew it was taken from us with a polite message from the government, and it is quite impressive how courteous we manage to stay, some wonders how long this piece on the streets will last. Every new day brings more uncertainty and fear to the air, although the air we breathe is much cleaner now as the latest analysis shows that ‘Lockdown’ leads to a massive drop in air pollution. Restrict of the communication in the city was put in place to make sure that non-essential journeys are not made during this world pandemic, and even if you travel, the trip will be filled up with fair and nonstop announcements about the danger of commute. The travel permissions only are given to key workers that keep people alive. Daily now, you meet people on the tube that works in the health section or provides essentials services to us. The intensity in the air and the life we were so comfortable of living is changing. It’s about the right time when we are asked to stop and start reevaluating the basics of life and starting to weight how much we do need actually to live happy lives? How to stay happy while staying with yourself in your mind, speaking with your own family, and planting the new dream, asking yourself what is the dream?


Empty Central London Street, Lock-down