How we play in the 21st century

Why not? Let’s try something new. Technology devices play a big part in our lives. From the work to our home, we are surrounding our self’s with innovations that become part of our extinction. We are aloud technology even in our bedroom. No secret that the popularity of electric pleasure toys growing every year. It’s great that finally, we acknowledge our sexualities and needs, just by experimenting finally we open the doors for sexual equality. Again, there is no secret that women have more complex pleasure sensors, that sometimes require additional stimulation in order to reach ‘The Big O‘.  Despite the fact you single or in a relationship, there is no shame in having few bed accessories that will spice up your sex world.  

Three of the most liked toys in the world in 2020

Number 1

Mona 2

Number 2

The Magic Wand

Number 3

Hugo vibrator

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