Sustainability is a journey, and we just getting started

The new start-up owner Stephanie Zapolska soon officially to launch the brand, comments, and answers a few questions about her approach on how to be seen as a forward-thinking fashion brand……… independent start-up company Postanovka, that will be selling vintage clothing with the aim in the future to customize and re-brand old pieces, bringing them back to life.

Let’s meet Stephanie and her brand!

What is the focal point of your brand, and how do you think the brand will contribute towards sustainable fashion?

Our brand’s goal is to create an online vintage store, which features handpicked secondhand clothing in a particular style. The first problem with mass-market clothes is precisely that they are mass-market, everyone can wear them and access them. The handpicked clothes of Postanovka will be one of a kind, you won’t be able to find them just anywhere. Through this concept, combined with the use of modern design and stylish photography, we hope to shift consumer behaviour away from people buying mass-produced clothing towards buying secondhand clothing amongst our target audiences. We are specifically trying to tap into youth culture 20-30 so that we can have an effect on the attitudes of the next generation. By tying the things this generation loves into our brand, like music, art, this change in consumer behaviour will mean less waste caused in the future. A percentage of the profits will be donated towards charities that are working towards making fashion more sustainable, specifically ones that are fighting modern slavery. All brands should choose to operate in this way, it is the future.

Why and to whom did you decide to donate part of the earnings?

At the moment we are considering organizations that help to fight modern slavery in the fashion industry and organizations that help to recycle the clothing. We think this is an unacceptable practice and really shouldn’t be something that is allowed to exist in the modern civilized world.

What is the message your brand is sending to the people and to the planet?

The beauty is in understanding where your clothes came from, who made them, and caring about their disposing. Often, you can’t be in total control of every aspect, but just awareness and trying to do your bit can make a big difference in the long run.

Why do you think people should buy vintage?

There is an excessive amount of used clothing that clutters our earth causing pollution issues. Because of mass production and cheap prices, if something is broken, people find it easier to just go and buy a new piece rather than fix the old one. Recently I caught myself thinking about throwing away my jeans with a broken zipper and this reflex terrified me as there is nothing else wrong with them. It would be much better to just fix the zipper as it is both, cheaper and the more environmentally friendly thing to do. Vintage is not only a better and conscious solution for helping reduce the damaging footprint but also a more unique approach to a style, as most of the items, especially re-branded, are one of a kind fashion items.

What is the future you wish for your brand?

Apart from possibly growing from an online store to a physical shop, I would love to see Postanovka becoming some sort of a movement and inspiration for new and old clothing businesses to consider supporting sustainability and an environmentally-friendly approach.

Which brand in your opinion stands out today when it comes to sustainability example?

I was introduced to Riley Studios and their ideas. The brand is putting extra effort into development pushing the idea of sustainability prior to all-or-nothing money-making mechanisms. I love that the brand is making sure that the clothing material is ethically sourced and is endurable to serve the owner for many seasons, while the mass market’s products are low quality, using too many resources and made to be replaced.

How will your brand fit in the module ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’?

As every piece we sell is unique, we are reducing the amount of the supply, which could support the minimalist values in our customers, as selecting clothing now is more thoughtful and targeted to be more endurable and serving for many seasons. Hopefully, soon enough we will be able not only to sell good quality vintage pieces but also recycle old materials into new designer clothing and rebrand many more products.
Also to mention, Postanovka uses plastic-free packaging for delivery.

Your most favorite piece of vintage?

Postanovka will have a distinct style, we love working with leather and fabric coats, vintage shirts and blouses, sports jumpers, and jackets. I have attached some pictures from our recent photo shoot for the brand.