Black Lives Matter Protest, The Voices Of London

Protest that took place on Saturday in London city at Parliament Square gathered thousands of people to support ‘Black Life Matters’protest. For the fact, there were few arrests and some anger spots barking in the protest, but the majority maintained united by peace. It’s right to say that it is good to be surrounded by people where demonstrations can be heard without verbal abuse and held without violence. People hope their voices will be heard, and their actions will matter! It’s about time we step forward and create the world were equality comes first, and everyone has the same rights. Thank you to people for respecting every life.

Protest in London at Parliament Square @2020

Black or white, young or old everyone is united and spreading the message to the world. Its a time for a change!

Protest in London at Parliament Square @2020

Protesting with music, protesting for peace!

Protest in London at Parliament Square @2020

Overview and difference between protest in London and New York

From New York to London aggressively, and some peacefully nations are fighting to defend lives.  A decade after decade, we still find the world having to fight towards equality. But as American’s started a fight for the good cost soon, that fight turned to be one of the most violent protests in the century. Black, White, or Asian those only labels in the real-life human is against human. ‘Black life matters’ protest had the potential to show to the world that violence was not the answer in the eyes of justice, but in this case, citizens of America failed, and instead of showing an example of peace, they disrupted and disturbed daily peaceful life. Robed and destroyed stores, burning houses and cars and pointless verbal abuse to each other with a touch of good old fashion violence. Pushing each other, shouting, and even pointing guns at each other. Sadly, that is the image that protests painted in America. It is quite sad to see citizens blaming the police and vice versa, but do not forget violence is violence despite the color or profession.

‘All lives matter! All colors are beautiful!