Nike unveils groundbreaking Olympics outfits

Your first look at what your favourite skaters will be wearing on Tokyo’s asphalt.

The Olympics might have been moved from this summer to July 2021, but that doesn’t stop us from gushing over Nike’s exclusive outfits designed for three lucky skateboarding teams.

The Portland-based clothing brand has worked alongside Dutch artist and skater Piet Parra to create three sets of uniforms that defy everything the Olympics has shown us up to now. For the first time, a sport’s real-world style and codes are being proudly shown on the international stage, by being incorporated into performance and innovation rather than cast aside for not being ”professional” enough.

Skateboarding’s first appearance at the Summer Games is sure to cause a few waves. This also marks Nike’s most sustainable performance line to date, with outfits being made of 100% recycled polyester. Japan’s events being planned as the ”hottest games ever held”, the materials were chosen carefully not to restrict the athletes but to help them give their best performance through Tokyo’s humid and heavy weather.

Brazil, France and the USA’s sets are all themed around the country’s most famous sport, with an additional nod to their symbolic animal, coincidentally all birds. Brazil sports toucans on their football-inspired uniforms, while France sees a rooster on their chic tennis ensembles, and bald eagles are spotted on the USA’s basketball influenced set. Each country displays a surprising yet refreshing take on what a skateboarding Olympic outfit is.

The shoes, Bruin Reacts enhanced by Nike’s Flyknit tech, will provide the athletes with the lightest support ever offered by the brand, while allowing the skaters to ”truly feel the board through their shoes”, Nike assured. Parra’s touch can be seen in the patterns printed on the shirts, shorts and socks, an artistic and colourful representation of each country’s typical landscape using the traditional national colours.

SheSkates’ team is already dying to shop the athletes’ looks, so you’ll be relieved to hear that Nike plans on selling the outfits as soon as the skaters have competed in the street and park categories next summer.

Cover illustration by Alice Bishop