SheSkates is a digital magazine exploring skateboard culture through the female lens. Forgotten, overlooked and constantly mocked for decades, women have struggled to gain recognition in the world of skateboarding, from not being able to go to their local skatepark without being laughed at to striving as a pro at the same level as men. How many of us have grown up with Tony Hawk’s name on our lips rather than Elissa Steamer’s?

SheSkates’ mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of skateboarders (watch the first chapter of SheSkates Diaries, where a 15-year-old explains her love for the sport), but also shine a light on our repressed side of History (meet Ellen O’Neal, the greatest freestyle rider of the 70’s and beyond).

So hop on and let’s go for a ride! Welcome to the SheSkates family.

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Home page video is a clip from Skate Kitchen, directed by Crystal Moselle, 2018.

SheSkates’ illustrations have been created by UAL alumni Alice Bishop.