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Award Winning Project Pops Up in Brixton

Pop Brixton, located in the heart of Brixton has allowed locals to start their own business with low price rent. It is a project to support local jobs, training and enterprises. Over 85% of the selected tenants either live or have previously based their businesses in Brixton or Lambeth. Rent is 20%-50% cheaper than other places other than Brixton meaning it is easier for locals to start their business in an area they are familiar with. Pop Brixton has brought the community together in more ways then one. Holding free events, food courts, gym classes and now starting their own farm growing products and making it more accessible for locals. Cuttings, seeds and bulbs will be given to local households, attempting to inspire them to start gardening in their own properties. A new pop farm will be a space for the public to visit and hopefully get inspired.


In April 2014 architect Carl Turner joined with landscape architects &urban designers, The Edible Bus Stop (EBS), and together they won a council run competition to develop the site.

The structure of the original team has now changed and as a result the EBS has withdrawn from the project.Going forward the scheme, formally known as Grow: Brixton, will be called POP Brixton. POP Brixton, which will make its home on Pope’s Road until at least October 2017, includes workshops and retail units at affordable prices.

Shipping containers have been used to create the units for rent and is a covered space for community events such as cinema, theatre and music. It will also focus on training local people and creating jobs. In addition to market trader spaces, there will be a temporary car park for public use.

There is no missing Pop Brixton upon approach, a mix of bright colours and shapes against the grey railway arches and sky. Located just a few minutes walk from the station it is more then ideally placed. The entrance is large and welcoming. Once inside the mix of shipping containers, you’re sheltered from the rain. As the evening draws in the space floods with people: drinking, eating and laughing. The containers make the walls of he space, hugging an area in the centre to eat under the sun. There are two levels under a clear roof which during the day creates a bright open space. The community of containers is decorated with brightly coloured lanterns and lights, providing an intimate feel for the evenings and an escape from bustling Brixton.

Picture Credit: Tiffany Yang
Picture Credit: Tiffany Yang

Food Stalls

‘It is impossible to not indulge your taste buds and find something you fancy.’

A popular aspect of Pop Brixton is of course the food. Whether you’re looking for a taste of home while living in a foreign part of London or whether you’re just up for exploring another taste palate, Pop Brixton is the place for you. Most stalls are run by locals of the community who have been living in Brixton or recently moved there and don’t really want to move out. From Zoe Adjonyoh’s Ghana Kitchen stall that is an intimate restaurant that serves a wide range of Ghana’s most popular dishes but with her own personal  twist, to a taste perhaps closer to home, Baba G’s Bhangra Burger Kitchen- it is impossible to not indulge your taste buds and find something you fancy.

Viet Box, Ghana Kitchen and Koi ramen offer a wealth of flavours and spices from around the globe. From South Africa, Sausages by World of Wurst to Mariba Sabina’s Mexican cuisine, you are truly spoilt for choice. Pop Brixton boasts the UK’s first Thai rolled Ice cream by Yumitub. The Guardian describes the experience as witnessing the fresh frozen yoghurt being ‘scratched and shimmied’ around by an Edward Scissorhands-like vendor’. Grown cafe offers free range and organic cakes; their healthy and locally sourced food is totally guilt free. Donut Round serves up the slightly naughtier treat, all while keeping natural ingredient of course. If dessert is not your cup of tea, relax with a glass of red at NZ Wine or a cool beer at S11. If all these were not tempting enough, you could try Donostia Social Club, the tapas street food van voted as Brixton’s favourite restaurant in 2015.


At Pop Brixton, some of the most interesting past events that happened in March 2016 included; Laughter Yoga, Lambeth Music Festival, Brixton Easter Fete and Kyonocha Sushi Making Workshop. Laughter Yoga (Free Entry) Laughter Yoga is a session aimed at bringing more laughter and well-being to south London. The Laughter club is free and lasts for an hour. The session involves practices of laughter combined with deep breathing exercises. Lambeth music Festival (Free Entry) A highly acclaimed Music Festival hosting 10 exciting concerts over 6 days (15th- 24th march 2016). The Festival sees over 3,000 young musicians performing at the Royal Festival Hall and local Brixton venues to celebrate the diversity of music making in the borough. Brixton Easter Fete (Free Entry) A fete held on Easter Monday, Pop Brixton embraces the popular holiday by hosting an event designed to last over the long Easter weekend- an ideal attraction for any family or Easter enthusiasts.

Pop Brixton upcoming events all about music, fun, food and sports. With events covering activities from professional sushi making, cocktail making to local DJ performances and yoga, there is defiantly a chance for everyone to get involved with new experiences and pop of various cultures from around Brixton. For new comers taking a look at the upcoming events is a great way to learn and experience your new surroundings!